Monday, March 2, 2015


Im not sure exactly what to think of this movie.  I know it won the Oscar for Best Picture, but I thought it was just alright.  I’m still not entirely sure about some parts of the film, either, which I think was kind of the point.  Michael Keaton plays an actor who once played the superhero character Birdman, but has moved on, or is at least trying to by directing and starring in a play on Broadway.  He seems to be trying to work out issues with his family, his past stardom and trying to separate himself from the Birdman character, wanting to be taken seriously for his acting, and just really trying to get his life together and figure out what his future holds.  I didn’t care much for the movie right after watching it, but it’s been a week or so, and I do appreciate the film more than I did right away.  It definitely had its “moments” and the acting was impressive, along with the filming and camera angles.  Overall, the movie felt like something the critics might like more than the everyday person, but if you’re in the mood for something a little different, you might want to give it a chance.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

St. Vincent

I thought this movie was great!  While I didn’t really know what to expect with Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, and Naomi Watts as the main characters, I was pleasantly surprised.  Murray plays a grumpy, older man that is all alone with not much money, who drinks a lot, and doesn’t seem to have much of a future for himself.  He’s just kind of “existing” until a newly single mom and her son move in next door and it starts to change his life and kind of mess with his normal routine.  Along the way, we’re able to see there is much more to Murray’s character than it seems and there might be reasons why he is the way he is.  Whether they realize it or not, they’re all needing someone and are able to fill some of the gaps in their lives, no matter how strange it all might seem from the outside.  The story was almost deceptively simple - it can be as moving as someone will allow it to be for them.  If you let it in, it'll get to you... 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I had high hopes for this movie.  Sadly, I was very disappointed!  Scarlett Johansson plays Lucy, a woman who after being abducted, has been surgically implanted with a bag of something called CPH4 that she is being forced to smuggle.  When the bag starts leaking inside her body, she becomes “infected” with the drug.  Once in her system, it starts making her brain work at levels above normal capacity and it just keeps increasing and increasing what her mind is capable of processing.  I thought everything started off well and was making sense, but at some point, it all just became ridiculous!  I was expecting something like the move Limitless - not for her to turn into someone that almost had "superpowers" just because she could use all of her brain power.  I get that she had changed into something so advanced that our logic can’t even comprehend it all, but that just wasn’t what I was looking for, I guess.  It really did seem almost ludicrous to me!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

John Wick

I liked this movie alright, but wouldn’t really need to see it again.  It was OK in a video game, shoot ‘em up kind of way.  It actually reminded me of a video game with how much shooting and killing there was scene after scene through the whole film.  Keanu Reeves plays an ex-hitman that has changed and removed himself from that way of life and gotten married and started his life over.  After some tragedies occur, something finally puts him over the edge and brings out his inner hitman again and it is “on” from there!  His skills are legendary in the underworld he came from and he is pretty much unstoppable.   Once that switch has been flipped, there is no going back and you had better not cross him!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Judge

WE LOVED THIS MOVIE!  It was very powerful.  There were so many storylines that all tied together without being complicated and were so full of depth.  Robert Downey Jr. plays Hank Palmer, a big city lawyer who has disconnected from his family that returns home for his mother’s funeral.  After having as much of his family as he can handle and is ready to leave, Hank gets a call that his father, played by Robert Duvall, is being charged with a murder.  The interesting twist is that his dad had been this town’s judge for many years and is now going on trial – and eventually is represented by his own son, even though they have a very rocky relationship.  This movie was so much more than just a murder trial.  It was about family and their connections, right and wrong, living in the past, looking to the future, forgiveness, life and everything in between.  I connected with many different parts of this film and felt completely worn out after watching it.  It was great!!!
Eric and I both agree about this movie – it was great!  I can’t say enough about this movie.  It was enthralling and very touching and I would watch it again.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gone Girl

This movie wound up getting pretty twisted – much more than I was expecting.  Ben Affleck plays a man who comes home on his anniversary and finds his wife is missing.  The longer the story goes on, the more he starts being looked at as a suspect in her disappearance, and possible murder!  How do you prove you didn’t do something?  Especially when the facts and clues all start pointing toward you, no matter what you say or do.  How honest is he being?  Before long, it becomes a huge media circus that gets out of control and makes finding the truth even harder.  This film made me think about how much we really don’t know about people – only what they “want” us to know.  Also, what lengths people will go to just to protect themselves, no matter how much it hurts others.  There are a lot of different angles to look at this story, and I can’t seem to stop thinking about all of them!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Million Dollar Arm

A sports agent, played by Jon Hamm of Mad Men, is on the verge of losing his business and comes up with the “crazy” idea of getting attention and publicity by going to India and recruiting locals to try out for professional baseball in the United States.  I was thinking that was pretty much what the movie was going to be, but it was more about what happened AFTER they had been selected.  They had never picked up a baseball in their lives, so you know training them won’t be easy, but the story became more about everything else they were dealing with having never been out of India, missing their families and life there along with being thrown into Los Angeles and American culture.  I liked seeing the main character transform from someone who only cared about himself and has always been about the bottom line into someone that actually cared about other people and doing what’s right instead of money and business.  It’s all based on a true story and was one of the better sports movies I’ve seen in a long time.