Monday, May 23, 2011

Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds is probably the movie Christy and I have disagreed the most about over the years.  And it has gotten ugly!  I’m surprised a fist-fight has never broken out!!!  We both feel that strongly about our opinions of this film.  I don’t know what she was watching, but I’ve never had a movie speak to me like this one did.  I’ve probably seen it at least 100 times – and still get pretty emotional when I watch it!  I don’t think he’s being selfish at all!  He’s trying to help as many people as he can and find a way to end his pain and suffering in the process!  Of course, he runs into some “complications” with his plan, but that’s one of the things that makes it such a powerful movie to me.  There are definitely decisions to be made and I think they would be hard for anyone to know what to do.  I wasn’t trying to “figure out” the storyline like Christy, I was just watching the movie and trying to put myself in the main character’s place – and wondering what I would do in the same situation...  I like to think I would do the same thing. 

Uh-oh, I can tell another fight is just around the corner when she reads this!

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