Monday, June 20, 2011

True Grit

True Grit was a blockbuster of a hit at the theaters but for me . . .I wasn=t that impressed by it. There are some roles and movies that should not be redone - and True Grit, with the legendary John Wayne would be one of them.  It wasn=t a bad movie - it stuck to the original pretty well but there were some changes that I really disliked.  The young girl, Mattie is a feisty 14 year old with as much grit at Rooster Cogburn - but at the end of the movie (which is different from the original) she is portrayed as an old almost witch like woman.  I didn=t like how they portrayed her because, to me, this character would not end up alone and bitter - she had too much spunk and you could just imagine what she would become because of  the way she was in the movie.  Jeff Bridges tried to walk in John Wayne=s shoes but I think he overacted, Matt Damon, as his sidekick, was still Matt Damon under all the makeup and like Eric said, Hailee Steinfeld who played Mattie was a standout!  So in the end, it=s not a bad movie to watch - but I still would pick 3:10 to Yuma over this for a better western.

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