Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I wasn't sure if I liked this one or not after watching it, but thinking I kind of did – maybe because it was a little different from a lot of movies in this genre.  Ryan Gosling’s character seemed very strange and almost mysterious in this role.  He is a stunt driver for movies, but he’s also a “getaway driver” for hire by criminals and has even been hired to drive a race car for a new team being formed by his boss at the garage where he works.  We get drawn into his life as he meets a new neighbor with a little boy whose father is in prison.  After awhile, he starts falling for her and opening up to her more than he normally allows himself to with most people.  Her husband gets released from prison and they ALL get to be friends.  The husband enlists his “services” and that is where his troubles begin…  I liked that the movie didn't “hold my hand” through the whole thing and left me to figure out what was happening a lot of the time!  It made me think a little bit!

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