Monday, February 13, 2012

The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part One

As the fourth installment and the last in the series – I had heard a lot of negative things about this movie, so I didn’t even see it until it came out on DVD.  The critics were wrong – I think this was best of the series yet!  I really liked how the characters have evolved, their acting has gotten better, and it stayed close to the book as the other movies did.  When I watch these movies, I don’t see vampires and werewolves, I see people with their lives in turmoil and a love story.  Of course being a fantasy, there is a baby that is half human and half vampire and that is essentially, the crux of the movie.  Part 2 will come out later this fall and I can’t wait to see it because it ended in a way that you are anxious to see the new Bella and finish the story even though you know how it all ends.

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