Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tower Heist

I was expecting a lot more from this movie than what I got!  With Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck, and Alan Alda, among others, I thought it would be MUCH funnier.  I'd say it was just "OK" – it started out really slow and was pretty unrealistic all the way through.  The jokes were flat, the lines were flat - to me, it all just really “fell flat.”  Alan Alda plays a wealthy business man that has used a Ponzi scheme to cheat workers out of their savings.  To get back at him and get their money back, they decide to rob his apartment where they believe the money is hidden.  Eddie Murphy is their streetwise friend that’s going to help them break in and get past all of the security in the building.  There were “some” funny lines and it did get better toward the end, but I wanted the whole movie to be that way! 

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