Friday, July 20, 2012

Teen Wolf - The First Season

This is not the 80’s version of teen wolf with Michael J. Fox– this is a new MTV series that has scored high ratings and there’s a reason for that – IT’S FUN!  It’s a story you’re familiar with – kid gets bitten by “something” and it turns out to be a wolf – a werewolf!  It’s Scotts struggle to find himself and stay true and not turn to the evil that is now in him.  The premise is set in high school, so you have all the drama of high school plus a super supporting cast. Tyler Posey plays Scott, and he brings such charm to his character, you don’t care if he’s a werewolf.  He battles the forces against him and within him to keep those around him safe as well as himself. His best friend, Stiles, is a hoot!!  He is the comic relief to the show and brings a breath of fresh air to his character. His romantic interest, Allison, is the girl next door with a secret of her own and of course there’s the jock that wants what Scott has and will do anything to get it.  Mix in another hot werewolf, Derek and some serious dark turn of events and you have a show that rivals The Vampire Diaries or any other show like it on TV.   It’s funny, smart, cool, romantic, and a little bit on the dark side.  Season Two is on TV now so catch up with season one and you’ll be hooked too!

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