Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Good Doctor

This is another movie I hadn’t heard of, but thought sounded interesting.  Orlando Bloom plays a young doctor who is just starting his residency.  He’s treated like kind of an outsider and seems pretty lonely – and the “dream” of being a doctor doesn’t seem all it’s cracked up to be for him.  While treating a young woman for a kidney infection, he forms a bond with her and realizes how much attention he can receive – from her and from the staff.  Things are looking good for him, but quickly go downhill when he starts getting obsessed with her and begins tampering with her medication and doing things to ensure she won’t get any better.  The worse she gets, the more attention he gets, the more “tangled” everything gets with trying to cover his tracks and still trying to get the respect he seems to be striving for.  Overall, I’d say I liked it – not a “great” movie and could have probably been better, but it was still pretty intense and really makes you think about what could happen if not everyone is being ethical!  Kind of scary!

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