Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Warm Bodies

This is a quirky movie.  When I first started watching it – I didn’t think I was going to like it.  I’m use to “real” zombies that look and act like death - so I thought, how am I ever going to like this movie??  But I did!  I was genuinely surprised by the story and that I did get involved in it.  This isn’t a horror flick, even though there are some elements of “scare” in it, this isn’t an “eat your brains and shoot them dead” movie even though there are some elements of that, too.  It’s a love story – a zombie that turns back into a human love story.  That is the premise of this film.  Our zombie, R, who lacks any remembrance of his past, narrates the story from his point of view.  Even though he’s a zombie, he can still feel and think and care – but he just can’t express himself.  A group of young people looking for supplies for their city set out in the dead world and along the way, R and his friends run into them and well – let’s just say – not all of them make it.  But there is a certain girl that does – her name is Julie.  How does R know this?  He eats the brains of her boyfriend and his memory becomes R’s.  Yep, he kills the boyfriend and saves the girl.  From there, we follow the two as they find themselves learning about each other - a corpse and a human??  That is unheard of!  But the love story continues as R saves Julie and Julie saves R and the whole world of the undead starts to change.  It’s the power of love that begins the change back.  It’s a different movie but if you sit back and go with it – you might like it more than what you thought you would.

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