Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tyler Perry’s Temptation

I try to like Tyler Perry’s movies because for the most part – the family oriented ones always have a good message in them.  But they always seem to fall flat for me and this one was no exception.  The story is of a husband and wife, Judith and Brice, who have been married since high school.  They have created a home and a life for themselves and everything seems to be in place as it should be.  But Judith finds her life restless and their marriage a little stale.  In her office one day walks a good looking billionaire, who flashes his smile and seduces her with all the charm, attention and words she’s needing to hear.  This is the start of the temptation and seduction of a married woman.  Tyler Perry’s movies come across very strong in his convictions but almost to the point of shoving it down your throat and I hate to say that – because they are generally, stories of morality.  The message of the movie shows how adultery can hurt a marriage and the sad facts of a broken home.  But it also has some really cheesy lines and at times falters in the acting and the emotions it wants you to feel.  It wasn’t a bad movie but it was just too much clichéd lines and acting that I’ve already seen.

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