Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Red 2

One-liners are the best part of this movie.  If you liked the first Red, you’ll like this one.  The same characters are back and the action scenes are even more over the top.  I like the new character of Han played by Byng-hun Lee, who is a hit man out to kill Frank Moses, played by Bruce Willis.  He adds some fun to this movie as well as  John Malkovich’s character, Marvin, whose one-liners steal the show.  The dialogue between the characters is swifter and right on the money. This is not a Bruce Willis movie because the other actors show up ready to go toe to toe: Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Byng-hun Lee.  Action, fun, and a pretty good second film.

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