Monday, February 10, 2014

Escape Plan

I really wanted to be “wowed” by this movie but unfortunately – I wasn’t.  The premise itself looked really interesting to me and it had Sly Stallone in it – another plus.  But when I was watching it – I felt like it was a movie I had seen many different times in different films.  Stallone plays Ray Breslin, a man who gets paid to break out of prison to highlight the weak areas of the prison.  As the story goes, he’s asked to take on an undercover, secret mission where none of his people know where he is.  As it turns out – it’s a setup and he is now forced to be a prisoner in an unescapable prison.  To me, the prison and the storyline seemed to border on being sci-fi.  I really didn’t believe the storyline and it felt so similar to other characters he has done in the past.  Even with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it – I half expected him to say “I’ll be back.”  It was ok to watch – but I just wanted more and it just didn’t get past the starting block for me.

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