Monday, November 10, 2014

Earth to Echo

I wasn’t too impressed with this one.  I guess it was supposed to be like some Blair Witch Project with a lot of the movie filmed on a camcorder by a 13 year-old, which wasn’t great.  And the story seemed like they were trying to combine E.T. with The Goonies with Super 8 with Stand By Me.  Those were all good movies, but I didn’t need to see them again – especially all in one film!  It was actually a LOT like E.T., having kids discover an alien from another world and trying to help him get home without adults finding him or hurting him before he can leave.  And of course the kids can leave their houses, be gone all night, go pretty much anywhere on their bicycles (no matter how far) with almost nobody questioning anything.  They can also decipher anything the little alien can send to their cell phones!  In those ways, it was almost ridiculous how unrealistic it was.  Maybe it was meant for a younger audience, but even so, for such a big story there wasn’t much to it overall.

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