Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I would say this movie was an example of “finding” yourself by “losing” yourself and following your passion, even if it might not be how you imagined.  Jon Favreau, known for roles in movies like Rudy, Swingers, and the Iron Man series,  plays a chef who leaves his job at a fancy restaurant after not being allowed to create his own menu in his kitchen and being slammed by a food critic for becoming stale.  Eventually, he starts up a food truck and goes cross-country with the truck and his son promoting their travels on Twitter.  I think he sees how much his “good” job was keeping him from enjoying creating food dishes and connecting with his family and everything that was important in his life.  I just really liked how he found all of this in the last place you would expect without even realizing it until it was happening.  Maybe I should buy a taco truck???

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