Monday, December 1, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow (aka “Live Die Repeat”)

I liked this movie much more than I expected.  Tom Cruise plays Cage, an inexperienced officer in the military that is thrown (literally) into a war being waged against an alien enemy that is trying to take over the earth.  A twist with this extraterrestrial is that it can control time and reset the day so it can know the future ahead of time – which helps whenever a part of it is killed.  When Cage is “infected” with this same power, he works with a legendary warrior, Rita, to try anything they can to defeat the aliens and end the war.  For Cage, this involves being sent back in time to the same point every time he is killed in battle – which is over and over and over and over – hundreds of times for him!  This also allows him to hone his skills and become legendary himself.  I was afraid this was going to be too much like the movie Groundhog Day or be all sci-fi and special effects and not much story – I was wrong!  It totally worked for me – it had a great story and moved at a nice pace and let you learn what was happening right along with Cage just as he was learning.  I’m glad I watched it – and would definitely watch it again!

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  1. I agree with you. This movie was awesome and I would watch it again.