Tuesday, March 10, 2015


This movie is based on a true story.  Steve Carell plays multimillionaire John du Pont and he sponsors two wrestling brothers, played by Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo, as they train for the 1988 Olympics.  I found it interesting watching the movie because all of the main characters played parts that are very different from roles I’ve seen them have in other films.  When du Pont calls and wants the brothers to move to Pennsylvania to train with him, it’s hard to know exactly what his motives are, but they do eventually move into his estate where they can all work out together.  du Pont seems to be trying to live out some unfulfilled dreams through these “students” of his, even though he doesn’t really know very much about the finer points of wrestling and starts to take credit for their success whenever he can.  Eventually, jealousy comes out in many different forms and from different characters, showing how messed up everyone can be, no matter how much money or fame they might have.  It’s sad seeing everything end the way it does, especially knowing it’s a true story…     

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