Monday, January 25, 2016

Pawn Sacrifice

I had never heard of this movie until Christy told me about it.  And honestly, it sounded kind of boring with it being about chess.  But it wasn’t at all!  The movie is set in 1972 during the Cold War.  Tobey Maguire plays the role of Bobby Fischer, an American chess prodigy who has a goal in life to be the world champion of chess.  In order to do this, he must beat the Russian champion Boris Spassky, who is the best in the world.  Who would have thought that a movie about chess could be so engaging and intense?  It almost felt like America against Russia more than just a chess tournament.  It was also interesting watching Fischer get more and more paranoid the closer he was to reaching his goal.  Every step came with challenges and made him closer to cracking.  He was almost falling apart.  Chess was his world.  And he truly was a genius at chess, but not so much at life.  It makes you think about being so focused on something – is that really a good thing?  I also thought Toby Maguire did an amazing job in his role!  I always thought he’d just be Spider-Man to me, but now he is totally Bobby Fischer!

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