Monday, January 25, 2016

The Martian

Matt Damon, who plays astronaut, Mark Watney, is on Mars with his team when a fierce storm comes up.  As they try to make it back to the spacecraft – Mark is hit with flying debris and is sent spiraling backwards in the darkness of the storm.  To the other astronauts, it seemed like he is dead and they must make a decision to stay and possibly not survive the storm or leave.  They choose to leave.  As the next day dawns – Mark isn’t dead but finds himself alone.  With thier base camp with some supplies left – he must figure out how to survive with little food and water till the next craft comes to Mars – in four years!  From there the movie gets very engaging!  There’s a lot of storytelling that goes on as we see him trying to grow potatoes with his own poop, make water, and figure out how to contact NASA.  He does eventually make contact and a rescue mission is set into motion.  But not everything goes as planned and at times you have to stretch your imagination to the impossible.  But it doesn’t matter – you are hooked from the beginning of the movie and you stay on the journey till all the popcorn is gone and you know how Mark’s journey ends.

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