Monday, April 25, 2016

The Revenant

This is quite a film.  Running at 2 hours and 36 minutes – you are transported into a cold, ruthless, bitter but awe inspiring world of the 1800s.  The movie is loosely based on the life story of Hugh Glass, who was an American frontiersman, fur trapper, trader, hunter and explorer.  His story is set in South Dakota itself and Hugh Glass has become a legend with this movie.  Leonardo DiCaprio plays Glass and does an amazing job.  Through different interviews I’ve seen and watched, I knew this film was quite brutal in the making for various reasons and after seeing it – you’ll understand why.  The geography of the film was almost a different movie in itself.  It played as big as character as Leonardo did – which was the intent of the director. But the basic story line is that Leonardo’s character gets mauled by a bear leaving him almost dead.  The group that he is with needs to get back to the fort and ask for a few men to stay back with Glass until he’s better or he dies.  After some time, the men leave Glass to fend for himself.  The story is his survival without any weapons, food, or strength to find his way out of the blank wilderness.  The reason I stated this was “loosely” based on his life was because the writers didn’t stick to the facts. The actual events take place in the summertime not winter, he wasn’t married or had a son as the movie portrayed, and he didn’t kill the men who left him but actually tracked them down and forgave them. But I suppose like all stories in Hollywood – it’s always better to add some gut wrenching scenes to a story that was already pretty gut wrenching.  I did like this movie though. It was intense, gritty, and compelling. If you’re going to watch it, be prepared to give it your full attention, because it’s quite a story.

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