Monday, May 2, 2011

127 Hours

So here’s the fun part of this blog . . .I’m going to disagree with Eric about the movie 127 Hours.  I knew of the story, read bits and pieces of the book and Eric and I have talked about his struggle and the sheer will of survival.  In that respect, I didn’t feel this movie captured any of that feeling.  I had no connection with the character even though I knew what to expect.  I didn’t think the actor did a good job with his portrayal.  I thought the music was horrendous for this type of film and the cinematography drove me crazy!!  I really did not like how it was filmed.  It was jerky and weird!!!  I didn’t like the flashbacks or the flashforwards - it did nothing to my heart strings.  This movie should’ve made me gasp out loud and make my heart pound but all it did was make me wish for the end!!

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