Wednesday, June 15, 2011


What do you do when there’s an unmanned, runaway train, carrying toxic chemicals, that’s speeding for a highly populated area???  Try to stop it, of course!!!  Denzel Washington and Chris Pine take us on a non-stop, heart-racing, nail-biting thrill ride as we watch them try to stop the unstoppable train.  Denzel plays an experienced engineer that knows more than the people running the operation and Chris is a new conductor on his first run – and what a first day it is for him!  Together, they have to figure out how to stop this train that is bearing down on a town and will cause a fiery crash if something isn’t done.  The story is based on actual events and the intensity builds and builds until everything comes to a head.  It’s definitely an exciting film and the action doesn’t ever let up!!!  I would highly recommend it!

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