Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Am Number Four

I really liked this movie!  Had no idea what it was, hadn’t read the book, hadn’t seen any previews, and was pretty much just going by word of mouth with people saying how much they’d enjoyed it.  Well, I did too!  There wasn’t that much to “buy into” as far as a sci-fi/fantasy movie normally goes.  It seemed perfectly normal that John was from another world and had special powers and was being hunted down by his enemies.   I guess I felt like I was learning things about his situation at the same time he was, so felt like we were kind of in it together.  He doesn’t seem to like hiding who he really is and wants to be like a normal teenager – go to school, go out and have fun, go on dates – all that stuff.  But, if he allows himself to be too “public,” the risks are just too great for everyone involved.  It really sucked me in – and it was definitely left open-ended for another movie – and I can’t wait!!!

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