Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Can I say how much I enjoyed Russell Brand in this movie?  I thought he was the perfect actor to play Arthur.  Arthur was made famous by the talented Dudley Moore so when this movie came out – I was a little bit leery.  Like Eric said, it was a classic!  I wasn’t expecting it to be the “same” movie but it did have the same heart to it.  Russell Brand, did a really good job in this role.  He was funny, warm, silly, and very much embraced this character that you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.   His relationship with his nanny, played beautifully by Helen Mirren was my favorite part of the whole movie.  The chemistry between the two was the heart of this movie.  I didn’t think the other characters worked or were believable, but I enjoyed this movie for the same reason Eric did – it wasn’t Arthur of the 80’s but a new version with some new laughs, heart, and soul.  Give it a chance - you might just enjoy yourself!

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