Thursday, September 22, 2011


Thor the god of thunder–son of King Odin, is next in line to take his father’s position.  In their world – there is an internal struggle going on between father and son, brother and brother and enemy against enemy.  As Thor decides to take vengeance upon the warring factor he is held in contempt by his father and banished forever from his planet of Asgard and thrust upon earth without his powers – he is now mortal.  So begins the journey of Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth.  I like this type of movie if it’s done well.  I like X-Men, Iron Man, and the new Star Trek but this one just fell flat.  I thought the whole space story of his origins was hokey and I was surprised Anthony Hopkins, who plays his father, would do this role.  The story line got a little more interesting when he was on earth – he meets a girl, Natalie Portman, finds out who he is and saves planet earth but it’s like I had seen the story before in the classic Flash Gordon, Superman, Star Trek and Iron Man.  It was an okay movie but as far as a summer blockbuster went – I was looking for more “WOW” then just a sizzle.

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