Monday, December 12, 2011

The Help

What a POWERFUL movie!!!  The story goes just like Christy said.  Besides how they were treated, some of what got to me the most was how they could just be fired for almost no reason and have their "life" ruined out of nowhere, even when their bosses were lying!  If they used the wrong bathroom or had company show up or were falsely accused of stealing or almost anything!  You could tell how devastating this was to them whenever it happened – they had obviously formed powerful bonds with the families they had helped raise and care for.  The maids were running everything and were treated terribly!  But then it was nice that some of the people really appreciated their help and did treat them as equals.  I'm sure it really was both ways.  You could also tell what a HUGE risk they were taking by telling their story.  The performances were incredible and it was just a really good, strong, powerful movie!!!  Like Christy said, it is definitely NOT fluff.

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