Tuesday, January 10, 2012


You may not have heard of this movie as it was in and out of the theatres pretty fast.  I picked it up to watch because it has “The Rock,” Duwayne Johnson in it.  I really like him as an actor – but I didn’t really like this film.  He plays a guy that has been released from prison and is bent on revenge.  His brother was brutally murdered and his only mission in life is to hunt down the people who killed him and one by one kill them.  I thought the storyline fell flat and the subplots weren’t really necessary to this story.  It kind of gave me a gritty feel about the movie and some reviewers say it reminded them of a throwback to some of the Charles Bronson films of the ‘70s.  I could’ve passed on this movie but if you’re in need of something to watch – you might give it a whirl.

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