Monday, January 23, 2012


This was just a really good, solid movie - and it’s based on a true story!  Billy Beane is an ex-ballplayer whose dreams of being a big league star never quite panned out for him and he’s now working as general manager for the Oakland A’s.  He wants to try building a team in a totally unconventional way - instead of “buying” talent and paying single players millions of dollars, he wants to build a team with strong players that for one reason or another, other teams aren’t interested in anymore.  In doing so, he is taking a huge risk and hoping it all works out, and not everyone is on board with him - most people think he’s crazy!  What he finds are players who are happy to be playing and glad to have a job -  and they are able to build a TEAM instead of having individual superstars.  What happens is the most improbable, inconceivable run in the history of baseball!!!  I don’t think you’d have to even like baseball that much to enjoy this movie.  It’s that good!

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