Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Super 8

I loved this movie!  It was fun!  It was intense!  I keep seeing people “trashing” it saying it was too much like The Goonies and E.T. and Jaws and other Steven Spielberg films – and it definitely had the same type of feel to it, but I liked those movies!!!  It reminded me of The Sandlot, too.  And Stand By Me.  It starts out with these kids making their own movie and while filming a scene in the middle of the night, they witness a huge train wreck.  They weren’t supposed to be there in the first place and aren’t sure exactly what they saw or if it was even real, so they can’t tell anyone about it.  “Strange” things start happening all around their town and nobody really knows what’s going on – the military is involved from the start and evacuates the city and the tension just builds and builds.  I felt like I was part of their group and learning things as they did – it was like I experienced everything along with them!  The acting was great, there were all kinds of back stories and subplots and everything just tied together very well!  I REALLY enjoyed it!!!

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