Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Battle: Los Angeles

It was interesting when I read the reviews for this movie.  There were a lot of varied thoughts about this film and depending on your background, this movie might be “more” than just a sci-fi film.  I liked this movie!  It was a good movie about an alien invasion in our world – right where we live – and those men and women who fought the battle.  It starts off with a bang – Los Angeles is being invaded from an alien nation and they are here to kill and destroy anyone or anything in their way.  In the midst of the battle, is a small band of Marines who will fight for their country.  They don’t care that the invasion is alien – all they care about is defending their city and their homes with whatever resources they have till the very end.  Some call this a war movie, others saw it as a story of what our Marines do for us every day.  However you want to see it, it was a solid movie, good acting, lots of action, and an ending that didn’t come wrapped up in a bow, but one that still left you with some hope for mankind.

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