Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Astronaut Farmer

Can I tell you how much I enjoyed this movie?  This movie was done in 2007 and I re-watched it again and just had to tell you about it.  This was a sleeper of a film at the box office.  It doesn’t have any really big names, any big explosions, or car chases . . .but it does have heart!!  Billy Bob Thorton (who really let me believe him in this role) plays Charles Farmer, a former NASA astronaut who was forced to retire early because of financial issues.  He had a dream that he never got to live out and that was to fly a rocket around the earth.  He has decided to build a rocket in his barn and to fly it with the help of his family.  It didn’t matter when I watched this film that it would be unrealistic.  What mattered about this film was the heart, the hope, and the dream that one man and his family had.  This is a sincere film about everyone’s dreams – it sucked me in from the beginning and it held on to me till the very end.  I’m not trying to be sappy -  this is just a genuine story with some very strong acting and a movie that is worth seeing just for the adventure.

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