Monday, March 19, 2012

The Switch

This movie was nothing like I expected it to be and was pleasantly surprised at the warmness and sentiment of it.  Jason Bateman plays Wally, the best friend to Jennifer Aniston’s character, Kassie.  It all starts out at a party that Kassie is having.  She is ready to have a baby and with the help of a stranger, she is planning on getting artificially inseminated.  Well, after a night of drinking, Wally decides to go into the bathroom where the guy, played by Patrick Wilson, has left his “ingredient” in a specimen cup.  Wally accidently knocks over the container and spills everything out.  He then feels he needs to replace it with his “ingredient” – and doesn’t think about that night until 7 years later – when Kassie returns to her home town with her son – who happens to look just like him.  This movie is a romantic comedy but what I really enjoyed about it is the character that Jason Bateman plays.  This guy with no attachments in life finds out the impact a child can make on his life and how love can change him.  It was a fun, heart warming movie and I would watch it again!

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