Monday, March 26, 2012

The Descendants

It’s funny how everyone sees the same movie and comes away with totally different views of it.  I saw The Descendants and didn’t “love” it the way Eric did – but I liked it.  George Clooney was charming in this role – he can play any role and make the character come to life.  In this, he plays a frazzled husband and father who has to deal with some very altering life decisions as his wife is dying.  His two daughters don’t make life any easier as they are mouthy and very obstinate to any kind of parental control in their lives.  But during the whole process of dealing with being the main parent and figuring out how to say goodbye to his wife, he finds out that his wife had an affair.   That is the story of the movie – the complexity of our lives.  Nothing is ever easy, ever simple, and as we try to do our lives – we are interwoven in the lives of so many others.  The movie is about family – the heartache, the moments that take our breath away, and then those quiet, still moments when we might find a moment of peace.  It is graced with humor, wit and heartfelt emotions and a solid movie worth watching.

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