Tuesday, April 10, 2012

War Horse

The horse in this movie is incredible!  He was more than just a horse.  It’s like the horse “knows” what’s going on during every scene and has a spirit that can’t be broken.  It’s amazing how many lives he touches through the course of the film!  Set during World War I, it’s an against the odds, never give up type of story - he’s a horse nobody wanted, the farm he’s working on is ready to fail, and his spirit always triumphs!  He goes from the farm and the boy who trained him and who he means the world to off to being a war horse and experiencing battles, being captured by enemies, and even being saved by others.  Everyone who comes in contact with him has their lives changed!  He gave them hope and allows people to triumph during incredibly bleak times by being put through test after test and he could have easily given up or been killed at almost any point.  If you’ve ever had that special connection with an animal, this film is for you!

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