Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Just in time for Easter, Hop,  jumps into our collection.  This cute animation (mixed with real time) film comes to life as E.B. (better known as the Easter Bunny) isn’t ready to take over the reins from his dad.  He has a dream – to be a drummer!!  His dream takes him from Easter Island, (where all the goodies of Easter are made) to where else . . .Hollywood!!  There he runs into or almost gets ran over by Fred, a slacker of a son who can’t make his parents happy either.  Once Fred gets over his anxieties about a talking rabbit – silly fun pursues as E.B. wants to live out his dream as a drummer for David Hasselhoff and Fred discovers he wants to be the new Easter Bunny.  But – an evil chick is on the loose on Easter Island and threatens to take them all down.  What will E.B. do??  Will he live out his dreams or save Easter Island? Russell Brand is the perfect voice for E.B., and James Marsden plays Fred.  I found this movie to be delightfully fun and even laugh out loud funny in parts. Whether it’s Easter or any other time – this is a perfect family movie for a night of popcorn and laughs!

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