Monday, May 21, 2012

The Grey

I did not like this movie.  Had I known more about it – I don’t think I would’ve watched it.  It was a very dark, depressing movie with no hope.  A small band of survivors of a plane, crash, in a remote, frozen, barren, wilderness and struggle to stay alive.  They fight against all the elements of nature, the wind, snow and the wolves that hunt in packs.  Their only hope is to survive in a place where humans aren’t meant to survive and only the fiercest of animals make their way.  In a way, this movie was almost like a horror movie just in the fact that the wolves were picking off the survivors one by one.  Some of the story lines were unbelievable and some of them were meant to make you think about life and death.  I don’t want to watch a movie so depressing that it depresses me!!!  Some people will like this show, some will go into the depths of their mind and souls and come away with some big meaning to life through the death scenes – all I wanted after watching it was to watch a little bit of I Love Lucy and quit being so depressed!

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