Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I’ll start by saying that I was VERY skeptical of this movie before watching it.  Why make Abraham Lincoln a vampire hunter?  The whole concept just seemed strange to me.  But from the start, I was sucked into this movie!  No pun intended…  It wasn’t a bloody “slasher” movie like I was expecting, it was serious - like they wanted you to believe history could have actually happened this way.  Not to say there wasn’t any blood or gore – there was plenty!  It all started when Lincoln witnessed a vampire killing his mother when he was just a child – and he vows to seek revenge on him!  After years of patiently waiting, he tries going about it himself and learns it might be a lot harder than he initially thought!  Lucky for him, Henry Sturges comes along and trains him in the art of killing vampires.  His weapon of choice is an ax that he can swing and control like he's some kind of ninja and it becomes the star of many scenes.  The path he takes leads him through being a vampire killer, a politician, and eventually President of the United States.  I hate to say it, but the movie does such a good job, it almost seems plausible!  Fantasy is tied in with history to create a whole new past and I was hooked right away!  I liked the characters, I liked the acting, and I liked the story!

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