Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Men In Black 3

Even though this is the third movie in the series, it felt “fresh” to me – but still familiar, too.  I was afraid in the beginning that it would be like the second one in the trilogy with old gags and weird things added for no real reason, but it wasn’t.  It was a whole new movie with a good story!  I got to see Agent K (played by Tommy Lee Jones) before he became a grumpy old man – and Josh Brolin was PERFECT in the role of the younger version of K!  I really can’t see how he could have done any better.  I also liked that it had a real story – Boris the Animal has escaped from prison and goes back in time to kill K, who arrested him back in 1969, and wants to keep it all from happening.  Agent J (played by Will Smith) realizes what’s happened and has to go back in time himself and try to straighten everything out – and that’s where the fun begins!  There are some twists and turns and some explanations for how things have turned out in the future and it was just a funny movie on top of all of that!  There were even some very touching scenes toward the end that I wasn’t expecting at all.  I’m glad I watched it!  I enjoyed it a lot!!!

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