Monday, February 11, 2013

The Raven

The Raven was a decent movie – it was kind of a cross between Sherlock Holmes and an English lesson about Edgar Allan Poe’s writings.  John Cusack plays the master of suspense himself, Edgar Allan Poe.  A mad man has taken Poe’s most famous writings and has turned them into reality – he is killing people in the same manner as Poe’s characters died.  The police need his help in solving these crimes and the stakes get higher as Poe’s girlfriend is kidnapped and sure to die if not found in time.  It was a slower pace movie but they did interweave true facts about Poe into this thriller and it kept you guessing who the murderer was.  If you are a Poe fan, you will enjoy the historical aspect of this movie and if you like “whodunits” you will like it too.

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