Monday, February 11, 2013


Flight isn’t about a plane crash and it really isn’t about the survivors or how it happened, it’s about the pilot and his actions.  Proven to be a hero who saved so many lives, the pilot is set upon a pedestal only to find his world come crashing down around his feet and he is tumbling with every role.  Denzel Washington plays the pilot, Whip, who is a top rated pilot, but he holds a very dark secret.  He is an alcoholic and has been one for a very long time.  The movie really takes off after the crash – Whip is forced to face the sting of an inquisition and the truth about his actions that day.  The movie focuses on his addiction of drinking and drugs.  But when faced with the truth after years of addiction – he must decide – does he keep lying to keep his job or does he finally let go and tell the truth.  It is an unforgettable movie in some parts and in others it is a deep story of one man’s despair.  A very weighty movie by a very good actor and one that I would recommend.

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