Thursday, March 21, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty

I have to agree with Christy 100 percent on this one!  It is a VERY powerful movie.  I normally don’t like movies that are portraying actual events soon after they happen, especially when it seems like I just experienced them – but this one felt different.  It was like more “behind the scenes” of finding and killing Osama Bin Laden and what we didn’t see or hear about the operation.  It also didn’t feel like a documentary.  You get to know the characters involved and what they’ve been through just looking for the tiniest shred of information they can link to anything that can be traced to Bin Laden.  Even though I knew what was coming, I loved how the intensity just built and built the entire movie up until the actual raid on the compound, along with how all-consuming those scenes were!  This movie was a great reminder of what the military goes through to allow us the freedom to live the lives we do.  I highly recommend it!

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