Monday, March 18, 2013

Life of Pi

I liked this movie.  Pi Patel is a boy that narrowly escapes a shipwreck during a massive thunderstorm that takes the rest of his family.  While stranded on a lifeboat, he discovers he is not alone – Richard Parker is also on the boat with him.  But Richard Parker is not a person, he’s a ferocious Bengal tiger they were transporting!  What would you do???  Especially when that tiger starts getting hungry!  I was amazed at what Pi was able to accomplish on that boat without much to work with.  Overall, it reminded me a lot of the movie Castaway as far as being stranded and no human contact.  I can’t even imagine floating on the ocean for 227 days hoping for a rescue and trying to deal with a tiger on my boat.  For being out on the water, the scenery was amazing, too – incredible sunsets and reflections and lighting the whole movie.  There is a lot more to the story, but I feel like it might “ruin” it if I tell everything.  It’s a movie that really makes you think – and I like movies that do that!

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