Monday, April 1, 2013

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I went into this movie expecting a bunch of fluff.  That was NOT what I got!  And I’m glad.  The story centers around Charlie, who is in his freshman year in high school.  He’s kind of a lonely teenager trying to fit in and do things most other teenagers want to do, but also dealing with life’s issues that keep getting in his way – everything from going to his first party or getting his first kiss to much larger things like death, mental illness and childhood abuse.  He’s not out to save the world or be the most popular or lose his virginity like the usual “teen” movies – he just wants to be normal and try to enjoy his time in high school.  Lucky for him, he meets some seniors that take him under their wing and help him learn to “live” life.  Along the way, he finds out what’s really important in his life and how good it is to enjoy it all while you are experiencing it instead of looking back at everything.  There was a definite Breakfast Club vibe to the movie, but it takes place over a school year and there are more serious issues to deal with for all of them.  I felt like this movie was VERY relatable in a lot of ways!  The movie wasn’t always serious, there were some lighthearted moments, too – things to remind you what high school can be about.  I really did like this movie – it was much more than I was expecting!

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