Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 is full of over-the-top explosive action and storylines.  Robert Downey Jr., is back as Tony Stark – and he’s having a little trouble dealing with life.  Last time we saw Tony, he was saving the world from aliens in the Avengers movie.  Since then, he’s been trying to come to terms with his humanity and the ultimate question, does the suit make the man or the man make the suit?  In this movie, we see Tony grappling with who he is in the way of being Iron Man and exactly what is important in his life.  With that being said, Iron Man doesn’t take a back seat to anyone.  Tony’s life is on the line when a terrorist by the name of "The Mandarin," played by Ben Kingsley, goes on a murderous rampage and Tony is in his cross hairs.  But all is not what it seems and the person you expect to be the true villain is there in all this twisted glory.  Some people didn’t like the storyline and to a point, (2 hours and 11 minutes) it was a little much at times but that didn’t take away from the fact that Robert Downey Jr., is a great Iron Man and that he does make the suit.  The ending of the movie leaves you hanging as Tony decides about his future and all I can hope for is that Iron Man returns for many more adventures.

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