Monday, October 21, 2013

The Heat

The Heat is the story of a cocky, tightly wound FBI agent played by Sandra Bullock who partners up with her complete opposite – a foul-mouthed, inner city Boston cop played by Melissa McCarthy – to bring down a drug smuggling ring.  It’s a comedy, so don’t be expecting anything too serious with this one.  Melissa McCarthy was pretty funny and I almost always like Sandra Bullock - I thought they made a good team once they both let their guards down and worked together.  There was a LOT of language - F-bombs almost every other word - literally!  There were also some really funny scenes, though, too.  It was TOTALLY unrealistic and ridiculous in a lot of ways.  Depending on what mood you're in, it was also VERY rude, crude, obnoxious and not a classic movie by any means.  I must have been in the mood for that, because I did enjoy it!  Doesn't really feel like I should have, but you need a movie like that sometimes that isn't just completely all around stupid, and walks the line right on the edge of being that way, but not quite!

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