Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Blackfish is a film trying to shed some light on the lives of killer whales that have been captured and forced to participate in shows at marine parks like SeaWorld.  Most of the story is discussing the actions of a whale named Tilikum that has been involved in three deaths (and is still performing).  It really made me think about the morality of keeping such creatures in the conditions they’re forced to suffer through their entire lives, day in and day out.  Compared to the ocean, no tank would ever be large enough to justify keeping these animals in their pens with little or no stimulation, besides taking them from the lives they were born to live.  These whales are torn from their families, separated from their groups that have their own languages, and either put with whales that have completely different “languages” or kept in isolation until their turn to perform in shows – all for our entertainment and so the businesses can make money!  It doesn’t seem right.

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