Monday, December 16, 2013

After Earth

Well, the critics said to stay away from this one.  My friends said to stay away from this one.  Did I listen?  No.  Should I have listened to them?  YES!!!  I usually like Will Smith and his movies, but this just felt like it was all made so his son could have a movie where he was the “hero.”  Will Smith hardly ever moved out of his chair because he had 2 broken legs and the whole thing was him directing his kid what to do to survive and retrieve some distress beacon to call for help on a future Earth that had been taken over at some point. I thought I was going to like it when it started and it just felt long and boring and like it didn't go much of anywhere!!!  There were “hints” of other storylines and flashbacks trying to explain some things, but nothing ever seemed to develop for me.  I wish I could “unwatch” it, but I can’t!  Maybe it wasn’t THAT bad, but it just wasn’t that good, either.


  1. I've definitely seen worse, but it just never "took off" for me, I guess. But hey, that's me...