Monday, January 6, 2014

Despicable Me 2

I watched the first Despicable Me film and liked it a lot.  I’m usually pretty disappointed with sequels, but not this one!  It was great!  Gru is back along with his little girls and all of his Minion helpers.  He’s not trying to steal the moon this time, but after joining with the AVL (Anti-Villain League), he’s trying to defeat a powerful new super criminal named El Macho who has the power to take over and conquer the world with his mutating potions!  The girls are just adorable and the Minions are hilarious, along with all kinds of little things always going on in the background and little “jokes” not everyone might get, but they are really funny when they click for you.  Gru even has a love interest!  Who would have ever thought that after meeting him in the first movie?  This was just a fun, all-around enjoyable movie, especially if you like animation.

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