Monday, December 30, 2013

2 Guns

It seems sometimes that when I write a review about movies that are similar in story – it always ends up sounding the same or cliché.  But, this was a good movie!  The chemistry between Mr. Denzel Washington and Mark Walberg made this movie a hit and very entertaining.  Both actors bring their charm to their roles and you are rooting for them the whole time.  They are undercover agents who are trying to bring down a drug cartel.  Along the way they need to rob a bank to get to the drug lord – but there is more money in the bank than what they thought.  Nothing goes as planned and the two of them are on the run – from each other and the other groups that are out to get them.  They find out who each other are and that’s when the action kicks into high gear and you find out who’s gonna get their butt kicked!  This is an action/buddy movie and I like those kinds.  There are explosions and some crazy twists –but there is humor intertwined in the movie that keeps it from being too heavy.  Rated R for language, nudity and violence – but still an entertaining movie!

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