Wednesday, September 17, 2014

God’s Not Dead

There are a lot of inspirational films out but for me, this is one of the better ones I have seen in awhile.  I really liked most everything about it - the story, the actors and the music.  The premise is a freshman college student by the name of Josh, (played by Shane Harper), takes a philosophy class.  The philosophy teacher, (played by Kevin Sorbo), has only 1 “rule” in his classroom - to talk strictly about philosophy and rule out any hogwash about a “God”.  To do so, he insists that his students write on a piece of paper that “God is Dead”.   Josh is unable to do so because he is a Christian and believes that God does exist.  The professor, being an atheist, allows Josh two weeks to present his side of why there is a God to the students   At the end of two week, the class will decide if Josh is right and passes or if he failed and flunks the class.   I thought the actually story line of the debate was very interesting to watch.  I think the movie could’ve focused more on the issue between the two main characters instead of adding side stories in.  The side stories were intended to bring home the main theme of the movie and at times it took away from the main premise of the movie.  But even with that said, if you’re looking for an inspirational film to lift your spirit, to give you something to think about, or enjoy some great music by The Newsboys and other artist you might give this a try. 

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