Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mom’s Night Out

This was a fun movie for the whole family!  Almost any mom can relate to this theme, a night out with the girls and NO KIDS!  It was silly fun to watch the comical misadventures of Allyson as she tried so hard to have a normal night out.  But between her crazy sister-in-law, her husband and his “anti-kids” best friend, her pastor’s wife issues with her teen daughter, a missing baby and a biker dude, (played by Trace Adkins)  . . . the night didn’t turn out as she had planned.  No mother is perfect nor do we have a perfect life.  This movie reflects the insecurities of moms and their constant battle for survival among the fittest but it does so in a light hearted manner and with inspirational insight that gives moms, a chance to reflect on the values and the importance of being a mom

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